Rafael Esquivel admits charges on corruption case

Rafael Esquivel, one of the officials arrested last year in the FIFA scandal on corruption , admitted having received bribes related to the sale of marketing rights to different tournaments in South America. The former president of the Venezuelan Football Federation was extradited to the United Leer más

Tottenham Hotspur spreads its work in China

Tottenham Hotspur has joined forces with Jaguar Land Rover China and the Soong Ching Ling Foundation to perform activities in the Asian country with a cultural and football exchange with children from some unpriviledged areas of the country, to reinforce the bonds between British and Chinese Leer más

New revelations on FIFA corruption

Current president Gianni Infantino insists on the fact that corruption in FIFA is now over, after the scandal of 2015, but the Ethics Committee has announced that new prosecutions will take place in the coming months, questioning once again the image and reputation of the entity. Leer más